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Topic: Portamento error in KS strings

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    Portamento error in KS strings


    I have posted about this in Support & Technical but haven't got much respons about it. I want to know if this is a bug or if it's only me who experience this problem, before I try reinstalling or something.

    I've found that portamento (CC20) doesn't work in "Sus+short mutes" in Vlns1 KS Combo. It does work fine in Sus+short but when I switch to mutes or tremolo it doesn't work.
    It works fine when loading "Sus+short mutes" as a separate instrument (and so does "Sus+short Ag" as well as "Tremolo")
    Same problem with Vlns2, Cello and Basses KS.

    Gary, I don't know if the private message function does work, because I've messaged you twice about this with no respons?


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    Re: Portamento error in KS strings


    Sorry for the delay but I wanted to wait until I had a response from NI before I responded and I haven't heard back from them on this subject yet. In the meantime, I was able to confirm your find and I'm pretty sure we have a bug in the player because the programming seems to be properly in place. I won't know more until NI has examined things. It may be something they have to fix or it might be something specific in the instrument programming that needs to be modified so the player can handle the portamento data properly.


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    Smile Re: Portamento error in KS strings

    Thank you Tom!


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