Hey Guys,

I've been on the board for a while and just realized I have never posted any music I've done. I've been doing alot of music for games and short films so I thought Id post a cue I did for a recent game project, and a cue I did for a fairly recent short film.

The first, "The Standing Stones" is for a game project, I was going for a basil poledouris Conan vibe. It's really a simple composition with simple counterpoint, but still a fun listen. Libraries used:
VOTA (sequenced without the word builder)
SAM Brass
and EWQSL silver for woodwinds
Sam True Strike

You can download it here: http://www.richdouglas.com/music/Epi...dingStones.mp3

The Second, is a cue I did for a film noir short film. The director wanted a mix of Jerry Goldsmith and John Barry thrown into the score, and I was delighted to do that! This piece of music in particular shows the mix of the two styles. Libs used:
Sam Brass (horns, bones, solo, etc etc)
Sam True Strike

You can download that one here:

Hope you guys like them!