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Topic: User Libraries problem in RMX

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    User Libraries problem in RMX

    Hi Guys,
    Every time I try to select the user librarie in RMX, it switchs back on its own to EXP libraries or previously set librarie, right away.
    It used to work, and I had done some Rex conversions, but ....it is broken.
    Same problem under AU in Logic 7.1 or RTAS in Pro Tolls 6.9

    Any idea how to fix this ?

    G5 Dual 2x2 OS10.3.8 HD ACCEL 3 - Motu 828MK2 http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...newthread&f=2#

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    Re: User Libraries problem in RMX

    Check the "SAGE Converter issues" in the FAQs at

    - Glenn

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    Re: User Libraries problem in RMX

    Thanks Glenn,
    Working. ( I kept just one folder in )
    Losts of folders to open now, in order to find the empty one.....


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