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Topic: synful orchestra

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    synful orchestra


    I don't understand that nobody talk about synful orchestra.

    It's a revolution and sound real



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    Re: http://www.synful.com/

    Where were you when this happened, Olivier?

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    Unhappy Re: http://www.synful.com/

    Impossible to install.

    I've downloaded the trial version. I arrive to the vstplugins folder dialog, i select the folder and when i push "next" button, nothing happens. It's as if nobody had programmed what "next" button should have to do.

    Any ideas?

    Did somebody have had this problem before?

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    Re: http://www.synful.com/

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexcremers
    Where were you when this happened, Olivier?
    I was here.

    But only two tread for a revolution.....



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    Re: synful orchestra

    Synful is indeed a revolution but it's far from perfect.
    You can't play in realtime with the delay for expression and takes out the original feeling of the product of being playful and intuitive.
    Even though if you apply it later you will have to match the track with the rest of the cue.
    The sound of it is not really my cup of tea as it is recorded completely dry and although and IR helps it immensely I believe it could sound better with some ambience.
    Other than that I think it's one of the most exciting vst's of today.
    No one does a more realistic and expressive violin line like synful does.

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    Re: synful orchestra

    Quote Originally Posted by Nayi
    No one does a more realistic and expressive violin line like synful does.
    .... at least in a very short time!


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    Re: synful orchestra

    Quote Originally Posted by Nayi
    No one does a more realistic and expressive violin line like synful does.
    I'll double that Nayi , just wonderful the violin is... ehm was, it expired ages ago

    I think that Synful orchestra is more of a portal to this new technology rather than a full soundset . I hope that soon there will be a new orchestral set for it or something like that , or even guitars and basses..... especially strings section, can't wait to hear that one moddeled in Synful !

    A bit more bite in the samples would help as well, i had the impression it sounded rather dull generally ,maybe i didn't play around with the filters enough or should have eq'd it . Apart from that, wonderful
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    Re: synful orchestra

    I'm surprised people aren't talking about it more as well. Maybe it's cuz the mac version isn't out until next month. Then I'm buying it. Yes, I suppose it has it's flaws, but the realism and ease of use is so much better than anything else, to focus on the flaws seems to be missing the point. I have no problem with "expression" buttons that only make their impact after a delay. In fact, I think that's the future of sampling. In order for the transitions to be at their best, the machine has to know what is going to happen in the future. That means a delay, end of story. What kind of a delay do you have with VSL or EWQLSO, picking all the articulations? a half hour? 1 second don't seem so bad!

    To me anyway, the point of a string section is it's expressiveness and natural transitions in the finished track, not playing it live. Same with all samples, actually. To those who get off on live playing like that, yah, it'd be frustrating.

    long live Synful!

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    Re: synful orchestra

    I definitely find myself in situations where I really want to use the violin but I can't really afford the whole package at this point. If the violin were available at a reduced price as a standalone I think it would sell like the proverbial hotcakes. As it is, Garritan's Stradivarius may steal the thunder when it shows up...

    But I see Synful as the Tron of this type of synthesis. Some day when a Toy Story comes out people will look back and say yeah, but Synful is where it started... I remember the first time I heard it...

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