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Topic: Superstitious?

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    Talking Superstitious?

    Not me ...Today is Friday the 13th! Posta be a day of bad luck to some people but it usually turns out to be the luckiest day for me! So, I am spreading my over abundance of lucky charms to all of you! What ever you do don’t stand next to the tall guy wearing the coveralls and hockey mask. This guy just can’t control his dinner utensils. Always manages cutting up something so stand far away from him as possible!
    Anyone have some Friday the 13th musak for us?
    Good luck to you all!

    BTW - My Father always used to say, "Stupidstitious"!

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    Re: Superstitious?

    Stupidstitious . . . I like it!

    Uh oh, it's Friday the 13th . . . I better just go back to bed.
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