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Topic: audio editting software

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    audio editting software

    Forgive me if this topic should not be posted here, but I didn't see an appropriate forum for it and figured you guys would know as much about this is anyone, so...

    I need to find some software (ala Sound Forge, CoolEdit, etc.) which has an option to apply effects over time. In other words something that would allow me to apply, for example, a delay which would vary in intensity from beginning to end - delay starting light and gaining in intensity over time. Better yet, something that would allow me to program continual changes over time - intensity changing throughout a piece.

    It does not appear that any of the current editors I am using can do this. Does anyone know one that can?


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    Re: audio editting software

    Most VST effects released lately allow parameter automation through the use of midi controllers. I know the Spin Audio and Izotope plugins do this. What you need to do then is turn on this option for the plug in and write your automation parameters in the midi controller for the audio track in question. I've done this in Tracktion and it works nicely. You might want to look at something like this. The manual for your plugins should state whether they support this option or not.

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