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Topic: Your Opinion On Studio Monitors

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    Your Opinion On Studio Monitors

    Ok guys. I know this is a touchy subject, but I'm now ready to buy me some studio monitors for my GigaStudio setup. I was wondering what you would suggest for me. Keep in mind I would like to keep the price below $300 and something that works well with the M-Audio Audiophile 192 sound card I have. All opinions welcome. Thank you and regards.


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    Re: Your Opinion On Studio Monitors

    KRK makes some really nice studio monitors. Cheaper than Mackies, and IMO, sound just as good if not better. There is a smaller pair of KRKs that sound decent which you should be able to get for around $300. EVENT makes a nice pair of monitors that you can get for about $400 that are surprisingly nice. If you decide to spend a little more the KRK V6s are awesome.

    When it comes to studio monitors you have to be willing to pay for the sound you want.

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    Re: Your Opinion On Studio Monitors

    M-Audio BX-5. I tried them side by side with three or four different KRK systems and the BX-5s sounded more transparent to me.
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    Re: Your Opinion On Studio Monitors

    I have had great success with my Event PM 6 monitors. I don't think I paid much over $300 for them and they have proven pretty true in my mixes.

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    Re: Your Opinion On Studio Monitors

    I did alot of research and read alot of reviews before I purchased my studio monitors. This is a couple paragraphs but if you read it, you should have a better understanding of how to purchase and whats important.

    The fact is, whatever monitors you get the most important thing is to get ones that have as flat of a frequency response as possible. The consideration that is 2nd however very close is to get ones with the widest frequency range. Other than that, you will have to learn how your mix translates to other systems no matter what monitors you get.

    All of that being said, I purchased the TRUTH B2031A. They come as a "matched pair" and include frequency response charts (i was impressed). I purchased them because they have without a doubt the best price/performance of all the monitors I looked at and listened to (they sound like Mackie HRs but dont quite go as low) and are extremely flat (+/- 3db). Genelics, which are the most popular for high end studios are (+/- 2.5db) so the Truths arent really much difference as far as that goes. However the big difference between the Truths and the Genelics / Mackies is the frequency range. Most monitors go as high as needed (around 20KHz) but the Truths only go down to 50hz. That doesnt mean that you cant hear below 50Hz it just means that the ability to hear below that frequency is drastically reduced. Genelics and Mackie HRs go down to 39ish Hz.

    If Truths sound like a good choice for you but you are concerned about the lower frequencies, you could get the new sub for the Truths for $199 and it will then go down to around 39Hz (not really great for a sub to be honest) but you would have an excellent frequency range and excellent clarity for a fraction of what other systems cost.(you could probably find a good deal for the Truth B2031A pair and the Truth sub for around $570 total, maybe even cheaper at the right store).

    [EDIT] the Truth B2031A pair alone cost around $370ish. Its well worth the extra $70 over your budget to go with these vs cheaper speakers. I dont have the sub yet cause its not out until a couple more weeks. I am very please with my Truths.

    For me, if money was no option, I would purchase the Mackie HR824's even over Genelics. I would also get the mackie 15" sub (it goes down to 20hz and is THX certified).

    By the way if you arent familiar with all the Hz and KHz and what all that means, the average adult with perfect hearing can hear frequencies ranging from around 15Hz (on the low end) up to 19-20KHz (on the high end). If you hear someone driving down the street and you feel the thump from their sub, its probably kickin at around 20Hz.

    Hope this helps.

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