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Topic: Problems importing in Kompakt

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    Problems importing in Kompakt

    Kompakt is supposed to be able to import Akai samples. I have an Akai formatted disk of Peter Sedjeliak "String Ensembles Vol 1" which will not see the samples... it is a mixed disk with the string samples and audio demos of their other products. Is there any way to extract these samples on OSX?

    Also, I have an older Akai CD-3000 CD-ROM which OSX doesn't even recognize as a disk... does anyone know a way to extract these samples?

    What exactly is allowed to be imported in the Akai format?

    Thanks for any and all help!

    Ray Lyon

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    Re: Problems importing in Kompakt

    Not sure about OSX but on pC-DOS based there are several sampler formats that are proprietary (Kurzweil and some earlier akai) The operating system will not load/read these disks. I use chickensystems Translator" which will load the disk as a vertual device

    You can buy single sampler version of the full version at www.Chickensys.com
    they might even have a demo that you could use


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    Re: Problems importing in Kompakt

    For OSX, try CDxtract (www.cdxtract.com). I've used this successfully when I couldn't otherwise mount a sample disk. Seems to work well.

    good luch

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