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Topic: About to reinstall GPO any advice?

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    About to reinstall GPO any advice?

    Im about to reinstall GPO from the original package from back when it first came out. Ive already installed Sonar again (Recently had a hard drive crash, luckily all my songs were backed up ) ... anyone know of anything I might be forgetting to do?

    I guess Ill just go grab the latest update then, or do they have to be done in order?

    Also I seem to remember having to register with Kontakt as well.

    Ill let you guys know how it goes!

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    Re: About to reinstall GPO any advice?

    Remember there is more than one update. Kontakt, GPO studio, and Overture (maybe two for that). Not forgetting to load disk 4 first, then check all the different programmes that need the VST plug in (for me, that includes other sequencers or notation programmes than those bundled). The good news is that Native Instruments seem to recognise your old authorisation details (assuming you re-install on the same pc).

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    Re: About to reinstall GPO any advice?

    I do this regularly because I'm forever changing hardware so I have to re-register. Make sure you have all the reg info from NI. Last time the Studio update didn't appear to work until I installed it twice, no idea why.


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