Hi All,

I combined two single one-layer instruments in one single two-layers instrument (For example: Layer#1-Strings-Sustain, Layer#2 -Strings- Stacc).
The problem: When I play chord progression (3 or more notes in each chord) with new combined instrument- some notes drop out from sustained chords after about 1sec. Though the first chord sounds OK for as long as I hold it.
If I play chords with one-layer instrument - there is no problems, doesn't matter how many notes in the chords.
Also: It looks like the problem appears if each instrument being combined has multiple regions, if only one region - there is no problems...

Does anybody have the same problem? Any idea of what may cause that and if there is any way around?

I have P4- 3.6GHz, 2Gb RAM, 7200RPM HDs, XP SP1, Optimisation XP for Gigastudio is done, polyphony in Giga set to 256, Alter Transition Voices - 64

Many thanks,