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Topic: using mod wheel for dynamic modulation

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    using mod wheel for dynamic modulation

    Can anyone tell me, or point me to a document that explains, how to take a sample set that currently uses key switches, or key velocity, to select samples of different dynamic levels (p, mp, f, ff) and instead combine them so that you can do an even volume sweep using the mod wheel? I am using Gigastudio 3.0

    For example, I currently have some string samples that use only key velocity to switch from soft dynamic levels to higher dynamic levels and I would like to make it so that I could just use the mod wheel to control the dynamic level so as to do simulated crescendos (ala Garritan "exp" samples or VSL ensemble samples that use the mod wheel to blend between layers).


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    Re: using mod wheel for dynamic modulation

    1) Copy the instrument containing the dynamic levels you want.
    2) Paste for the number of dynamic levels you are working with. (ex. 4 vel. layers=4 identical copies of the instrument)
    3) In each of the pasted instruments, delete all but one dynamic layer, so that when finished you have, say, 4 instruments, each with a different dynamic.
    4) Select all the new instruments, and right click, choosing "Combine instruments". In the dialog box, select from the list "mod wheel" or "layer"
    5)Right click on the new combined instrument, and choose "crossfade editor".
    Set your crossfades to taste.

    This is a pretty quick and dirty explanation. Your GS3 Application DVD has the GSEdit manual in pdf, good for learning the real nuts and bolts of the program, but write back if you need more info. I bet someone out there has a better method than the one above, too.


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