If I run my sequencer to 2 instances of Gigastudio 3 on two different computers, the sounds line up perfectly. If I route the second computer's audio output into the line in on Gigastudio...I hear the input to the soundcard in time, but it is behind the regular midi happening in Gigastudio if I listen to it through the audio input in Gigastudio...did I say that clearly.

I need to run a second computer in order to reach the polyphony neccessary for a marching show...marching percussion sends the polyphony count over 300 on its own...so it can't fly on one machine with all the winds and pit...but I need to capture to wave in Gigastudio in order to avoid hearing the pops and clicks Gigastudio exhibits above 300 voices of polyphony (capture to wav doesn't have the pops I hear in the playback)...so any suggestions. I know there have to be people out there routing other things into the Gigastudio inputs, so is this latency avoidable?

Thanks for your help in advance.