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Topic: Problem syncing to GS3 computers

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    Problem syncing to GS3 computers

    One computer is the sequencer and gigastudio...the other is just gigastudio. The audio leaves the second computer and comes in through the line in on my Audiophile card. Then I'm porting that into gigastudio on the first computer to apply gigapulse etc and capture to a wave file.

    Here is the problem, the audio all sounds fine if I just play it back, but as soon as I route it into GS3 on the other computer it sounds delayed or late. The audio sounds delayed after I set it up to port into GS3 on the sequencer computer. But when I just listen to it as it comes into the sound card it is fine...it is happening in Gigastudio I believe.

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    Re: Problem syncing to GS3 computers

    Try setting the H/W buffer size in the Audiophile control panel to a lower setting like 256 or even lower. The delay is latency resulting from your hardware buffer size setting.

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