Hi all,

I have strange polyphony problem with Giga3.04 playing a single two-layers instrument combined from two single one-layer instruments (Layer#1-M.Vitus Strings-Sustain, Layer#2 -Strings- Stacc. controlled by cntr#2 (Breath)). When I play chord progression (3 or more notes in each chord) some sustained notes shut off from sustained chords after about 1sec. Though the first chord in progression sounds OK for as long as I hold it.
If I play chords with any one-layer instrument - it works fine and it doesn't matter how many notes in the chords.

I know that I could use "stacked instruments" principal but this patch works fine on my old machine with Giga 2.5 and I thought it suppose to work with Giga3.04 with no problems too...

Also: It looks like the problem appears if each instrument being combined has multiple regions, if only one region - there is no problems...

Giga3 bug?
Have anybody had the same problem? Any idea of what may cause that and if there is any way to fix it?

I have P4- 3.6GHz, 2Gb RAM, 7200RPM HDs, XP SP1, Optimization XP for Gigastudio is done, polyphony in Giga set to 256, Alter Transition Voices - 64

Many thanks,
Kironmusic productions