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Topic: G.A.N.G. Event at E3

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    Lightbulb G.A.N.G. Event at E3

    G.A.N.G. Event at E3
    Music Publishing in the Video Game Industry: Music Outside of the Game
    Win a FREE copy of NI Komplete 2
    This G.A.N.G. event is free and open to all members, guests, and public. Please RSVP to brian@audiogang.org with how many will be attending.

    Date: Friday, May 20, 2005
    Time: Doors open at 7pm; Panel starts at 7:30pm - 8:30pm. Mixer from 8:30pm -12am
    Location: LA Marriott Downtown, 333 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA
    Format: Panel
    Topics discussed: Restricted Licensing Agreements; Use of original music in a game for other media, i.e. film trailers, films, TV, commercials; Discussing Win-Win publishing agreements between composers and game publishers; Strategies for composers and publishers to set up these agreements; How does a game publisher get started in music publishing?

    Panelists will include: Jack Wall, Composer/Producer, Wall of Sound; Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Audio, EA; Didier Lord, Vice President, UbiMusic; Edwina Travis-Chin, Music Director, APM; Rich Goldman, President, Riptide Music; Moderated by Todd Fay, Producer/Project Manager, Todd M. Fay Enterprises

    Native Instruments will be giving away a free copy of NI Komplete 2 after the panel. Raffle tickets will be given before the panel begins at 7:30. Must be in attendance to win.

    Join G.A.N.G. afterwards for a mixer with cash bar.

    Sound and PA equipment provided by TC Electronic

    Music provided by Native Instruments

    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: G.A.N.G. Event at E3

    I read somewhere that you need to be a member of the game industry to attend E3 - it's not open to the public. I was wondering if being a member of G.A.N.G. is sufficient. I won't be going this year, but for future knowledge. Thanks everyone.

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    Re: G.A.N.G. Event at E3

    Joining GANG won't qualify you for the industry unless you have a formal title within gang (like webmaster or administrative director etc) - or if you're close to the board or Tommy, he can get you a pass But it requires some persistent bugging.

    The easiest way to register for E3 (and not exactly easy ) Is to register a business within the state and use the Tax ID number you get to show you're legit etc when presenting credentials, along with copies of a website or some commercial advertisement for the company. Sure that's effort, but it's also something worth doing if you ever plan on selling your services, right?


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    Re: G.A.N.G. Event at E3

    Thanks Jay,
    Okay, there is a bit of work there, but I'm currently at the point in my career that I thought I would have to get a friend of a friend of a _____(noun) to get me a job as a janitor at _____(game company) to get into E3, but I think your idea would be better. Thanks.

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