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Topic: Learning production at at school....rmx help

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    Learning production at at school....rmx help

    Im learning music production at school, and currently, we just started using rmx. But due to the lack of organization at my school, stylus rmx works on some computers and not others. The problem is not being able to load the libraries. Since i dont personally own rmx, and nobody at my school can provide (or wont) a serial number, i cant really troubleshoot this problem. I read just about every post here, and people say they found out the answer from the spectrasonics site. Could someone please just post the solution to this problem??? You would be helping 8 eagar students that really love music and its theory. I know my school sux, but where im at i have no other options for learning music. i dont need serial number on anything like that...just tell me how to load the darn libraries.

    Also, i ve watch the dvd installation, followed it precisely minus the fact that we dont have any external drives. Just a regular hardrive. Any help would be greatfully appreciated

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    Re: Learning production at at school....rmx help

    Wow, that's really interesting.

    What school do you attend and what sort of program do they have?

    If the instructor is teaching with RMX, it would be the instructor or class coordinators job to make sure that everything is running properly.

    If you can provide Spectrasonics tech support with the name of the school and the head of the department, we'd be happy to help get it up and running.



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