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Topic: Upgrade dual processor/win2k machine for GS-3?

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    Question Upgrade dual processor/win2k machine for GS-3?

    Hi all,

    I'd like to upgrade my Gigastudio-2.5 machine to use Gigastudio-3, but I'm wondering if I will have problems with this machine, which is pretty fast, but a few years old:

    I have GS-2.5 and Sonar running on a dual processor Windows 2000 machine (Tyan Tiger 2460 MB, with 2 AMD MP 1800+ processors, 2GB memory, 2 SCSI Seagate Cheetah 15x disks, various ATA and S-ATA disks, M-Audio Audiophile Sound card).

    It works fairly well now, except for very occasional pops and clicks. The GS3 FAQ says its not supported on win2k or on dual processor machines. So I'm thinking about various options:

    * Try to install GS3 and see if it works

    * Buy WinXP and install GS3 (might still have problems with dual processors?)

    * Buy a new machine with WinXP and install GS3 there (But I kind of like having dual processors for other reasons)

    * Get a Mac and switch to Kontakt (May be problems converting existing sounds)

    * Get Kontakt and install it on the old machine, since it supports dual processors (not sure about win2k though)

    * Save my money and get involved in the LinuxSampler project (requires hacking and patience...)

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Upgrade dual processor/win2k machine for GS-3?

    You failed to mention a few things:

    1) What features are you really interested in G3 that would make you want to move? Sample size? Bit rate? If you only interested in streaming dry, then status quo may be aok?
    2) How about upgrading to XP and running G2.54 (you are on 2.54?)? I don't think 2000 had very good support for the clicks and pop issue.
    3) How about just seriously tuning your 2000 setup?
    4) Linux sampler - I haven't tried it, but I would seriously consider experimenting here if I had another machine to play with. The only bad side is No support for Ethernet MIDI and Ethernet Audio via Teleport http://www.fx-max.com/fxt/

    All in all, I decided to go against the stream and just hold onto 2.54 right now, until 64 bit windows, and INTEL Dual Core support is finalized. Then, maybe I might build one really fine DAW, and farm out GIGA on a single hunk of a machine, or perhaps it will all fit on one machine at that point...I just don't see the need to move to 3.0.x since there is still a 1 gig restriction on RAM. But if LinuxSampler is provable, I would more than be happy to move to linux...love linux...

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    Re: Upgrade dual processor/win2k machine for GS-3?

    The reason for upgrading would be to take advantage of new sound libraries, hopefully better quality sound, effects.

    Actually, for what I use it for, I only need to record 2 to 4 solo instruments and maybe a piano. I've been running Sonar on the same machine with an external effects box for reverb. I'm not too happy with the reverb, so I'd eventually like to find something better in software. I've been recording at 48Hz, since some of the external hardware doesn't support any higher. I'd like to switch to 96Hz at some point, if that improves the sound.

    What I was really asking was if anyone had any experience running GS3 on a dual processor box, and/or on win2k.

    I dual boot SuSE-9.2 Linux on this machine and have played around with the Ardour hard disk recorder and LinuxSampler (qsampler). With ardour, I was able to record a number of audio tracks with reverb (Freeverb), although it took a while to figure out how things worked. I was also able to load and play Gigastudio instruments in qsampler, although I noticed some problems with the releases being too loud on some instruments. This stuff is still in the early stages, but it may be something to watch for in the future. One nice feature under Linux is that you can connect the audio from different applications with "jack".

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    Re: Upgrade dual processor/win2k machine for GS-3?

    I recommend upgrading you current machine to WinXP and installing GS3. Sonar supports SMP. GS3 tolerates it, but doesn’t make use of it. If you can get by with one machine, your life will be that much simpler. GS3 supports ReWire, which will make it easy to use together with Sonar.

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