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Topic: laptop: which software?

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    Question laptop: which software?

    Hello all,

    I very much enjoy my many times a day review of the posts here. I am a newbie and don't yet have much to contribute. But, perhaps one day. Thanks to all of you!

    I apologize if this post is in the wrong place but it seems that this forum is now the catch all and some of the others are much less visited and popular.

    I have purchased two Compaq R3000Z laptops. One has the AMD64 3400 chip and the other has AMDXP2800. The AMD64 has 2G PC2700 DDR (2.5 CAS latency) Kingston RAM The XP2800 has 1G PC2700 DDR Kingston (2 x 512). I also purchased the Hitachi Travelstar E7K60 7200 RPM 40G HDD (12ms seek time, 8MB cache) for each. I have 7200 firewire and USB2 external drives. I also own two of the M-Audio Firewire Audiophile interfaces. It has MIDI, ASIO and GSIF2 compatibility.

    I still have an HP laptop with an AMDXP 1700, 512 133Mhz ram, same HDD as above.

    I have not configured the Compaqs yet. My work schedule has been too heavy. Hard drives just arrived over the weekend and the RAM should arrive this week.

    I am now ready to configure the laptops. However, I wish to have some advice and feedback on how I should use these. I decided that I needed to invest in hardware before the software. Now I need to decide which software. I own a few sample libraries in giga format. I jumped on board a few group buys. I have a few desktops I can use for creative work. The laptops are mainly for live, jamming and travel work. These are DAW machines only and will never see the internet or any other non music creation software. I obviously need to invest in Gigastudio 3 (thinking orchestra) and maybe something like Cubase SX3. I definitely wish to buy all Spectrasonics, esp. Stylus RMX. I am looking at GPO group buy. Also interested in some NI vsti. I will not necessarily record live - other instruments, although is a possibility.

    So, since GS3 has very stiff requirements, SX3 perhaps too and Stylus RMX, which laptop should do what? It seems other vsti are less demanding than these above. Third laptop could be included in the picture but it may also host office and adobe software and connect to internet.

    Since I have external hard drives I was thinking that they could store Spectrasonics data and samples. What do you think?

    Thanks for you kind response and consideration!


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    Re: laptop: which software?

    Well didn't you go shopping?

    Any reason why you went laptops? I'd have to get 24/7 treatment on my back and neck if i did the hours i do on a laptop!! (read: comical, not cynical)

    Would you network these laptops? Maybe store your libs on one and run your pgms on the other? I'm not sure how you would go running a lib off an external USB drive, anyone doing it? It might work a treat for all i know, but firewire seems the more favoured path. Internal drives preferable also.

    Spectrasonics softsynths & libs run well in SX.

    If you end up with too much gear, just let me know and i'll send you my shipping details

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    Re: laptop: which software?

    Thanks for the reply evaclear. I enjoyed a good laugh about the shopping spree.

    I do not intend to network them. Was thinking that that would add some load on RAM. And since GS3 seems to be happier as stand alone.

    So which machine should be GS3 machine and which should be Stylus RMX/SX3 machine?

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    Re: laptop: which software?

    Quote Originally Posted by Deak
    So which machine should be GS3 machine and which should be Stylus RMX/SX3 machine?
    I'd go with GS3 Orchestra on the faster machine. GigaPulse sounds great, but like all convolution reverbs, it needs CPU cycles to stretch its legs.

    I wouldn't worry about networking eating much RAM. It's pretty light. I'd recommend using MOL to connect SX3 to the Giga machine. That way you can stream eight midi ports with only one wire, rather than eight.

    Nice setup, BTW.


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