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Topic: Carmen Variations (Bizet - Horowitz) - by Thomas Penders

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    Carmen Variations (Bizet - Horowitz) - by Thomas Penders

    Thomas Penders has submitted his interpretation of the Carmen Variations by Horowitz. He rewrote them into a piano score and added some of his own variations in it.


    Thomas used Sibelius for scoring and used the GPO Steinway Piano and here is the Sibelius file for those who want to see how it was done:


    Thomas has his own page in the Bach and Chopin sectionof the Classical Music Archives - http://www.classicalarchives.com/inspire/penders.html.

    Thomas studied at the Conservatory of Music in Rotterdam under Aquilles Delle-Vigne (a student of Claudio Arrau and the fourth generation of the Franz Liszt lineage) and participated in master classes with Vladimir Tropp. After his move to the United States in 1995, he has composed several symphonies, piano sonatas and piano etudes. His website is at http://thomaspendersclassicalmusic.com/

    This demos shows Thomas' technical mastery and represents a bond interpretation.


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Carmen Variations (Bizet - Horowitz) - by Thomas Penders

    Brillaint realisation, especially as Horowitz didn't have it set down on paper, so it has to be transcribed by ear. As I haven't Sibelius I can't see score (am a Finale user) but getting it on to paper would have been I imagine a mammoth task, requiring painstaking effort. Well done.
    Another Horowitz transcription (in my opinion his best) is "The Stars and Stripes" by Sousa - I'm not sure if anyone has transcribed this?

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