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Topic: Unorthodox question for all developers.

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    Unorthodox question for all developers.

    The world of sampling, sample libraries, and virtual instruments is extremely interesting to me. While I'm a passionate performer and composer, I find this more technological area to be absolutely fascinating. I have spent the last few years teaching myself about all facets of music technology, with a sort of specialization in music software and soundware. Besides owning a wide array of virtual instruments and libraries and using them regularly, I try to keep myself educated; I receive Keyboard, Recording, and Electronic Musician magazines, and I regularly buy Future Music, Computer Musician, and Music Tech, among other things. Of course, I also follow resources on the web such as this one, soundonsound, and KVR-VST.

    Next year, I'll be entering college to further study music, music law, and music technology, but I would like to get involved before then. My question to any developers here is this; would there be room for someone like myself to work (for free) in your respective businesses and contribute my abilities to the development of any new products? As I said before, this is a field that greatly interests me, and I cannot think of a better way to get involved than to do some work for an established developer.

    Thank you in advance for your time! To the moderators, if this is the wrong forum to place such a request, my apoligies.

    PS. Please visit my website or PM me if you need more information (I can also give my phone number if it would make you more comfortable to discuss this 'live').
    Zircon Studios - Original music for media, electronica, sound design, and synthesis.

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    Best of luck!
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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