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Topic: Need advice on Auditorium speakers

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    Need advice on Auditorium speakers

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    I am trying to help a friend build a speaker set up for an audtiorium of about 120 feet by 40 feet and would like some ideas of speakers to check out. They are using a Mackie 24 channel mixer. The Room has Cathedral ceilings in it as well. Plus any other hidden costs you may think of we may need to get. Thanks for your time

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    Re: Need advice on Auditorium speakers

    For high-power components, go with JBL. There's a great forum at http://www.audioheritage.org/vbulletin/ with members who will recommend components, volume and ports and even run frequency plots for you.

    If you want to go with portable speakers, the big, self-powered Mackies (dual 15" woofers and a compression driver) are hard to beat. I heard a pair at a vocal recital that my daughter participated in at a medium/large church, and they sounded fantastic.


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