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Topic: Any good bass-library for metal music?

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    Question Any good bass-library for metal music?

    I'm planning to record some heavy music which could be described as Metallica meets Nightwish. I got most instruments covered: real guitars, DFH2 for drums, EWQLSO for orchestral instruments and the superb Diva for some vocal parts. But what I'm lacking is a good bass-library suited for this kind of music. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

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    Re: Any good bass-library for metal music?

    I don't know about libraries but Sampletank2 comes with amazing Guitars and Basses not to mention drums, it also has and effect plugin from Samplitude, you should check it out. You can get amazing results for the electric guitars and that effect in Sampletank2. They have an update coming soon for it.
    You could deffintily do Heavey Metal Style Music with what is in Sampletank2
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    Re: Any good bass-library for metal music?

    Spectrasonics Trilogy fingered basses thru the Amplitube plugin (or any other good speaker/amp emulator) sounds ok for that purpose.

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    Re: Any good bass-library for metal music?

    I'd go with Hardcore Bass....the name says it all!
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    Re: Any good bass-library for metal music?

    No offense to Eric's fine product, which is far, far more versatile, but for heavy metal, you'll want Hardcore Bass. For nearly everything else you'd want Trilogy. If you need a sampleset that is versatile, but can live without the 'Alice in Chains' grinding pick bass type sound then get Trilogy. Hardcore Bass has the grinding pick bass sound down, with quite a few articulations.


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    Smile Re: Any good bass-library for metal music?

    Thanks for the input

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