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Topic: effect processing revelution!

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    Exclamation effect processing revelution!

    I could waffle on for ages about how groundbreaking this is, and much as I'd enjoy doing so, I'll just let it speak for itself...

    google for bionicfx

    all I'll say is wow...

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    Re: effect processing revelution!

    There was a lot of discussion about this last year and it was found to be very disappointing as I seem to remember that it wasn't any use for anything except the installed effects.


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    Re: effect processing revelution!

    well, a year ago I should imagine it was still in the R & D stages. Obviously we'll have to wait and see just how effective (pardon the pun) it is, but to my mind, anything at all that free's up cpu without sacrificing effects is a bonus.These kinds of technologies always have to start somewhere!

    i still think it sounds very very promising indeed!


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