Here is another demo that uses a little different approach:
For this demo we used 4 COMPONENTS.
- clean piano (PMI EMPEROR)
- the sympathetic resonance script by Kornel Mezzo (
- the pedal down sustain from our upcoming PSR disk.
- the release sound and key/pedal noises from our upcoming PSR disk.

Each of those components is full adjustable as a nki slot or has a UI that allows control over the relevant parameters.
So you can adjust the key click sound, the release sound, the sympathetic resonance in extreme detail and the clean piano (as usual).

This demo uses these different combinations of sympathetic resonance and other aspects:

The demo was made by bouncing all these components as separate tracks into a Logic mix:

The picture shows the automation data for the soundclip below.
COMPONENTS MIX Here all indivual components can be heard. For your reference here is the Midi file: we used.

In another post John Grant asked about the PMI Sympathetic Resonance demo Bosendorfer K2 Demo that we made with the PMI Bosendorfer 290 in Kontakt 2.

Quote Originally Posted by JohnGrant
1. Which specific sample from the Bos is this? Dry, Wet, 16 layer, sustain? etc etc....
2. Is there an equivalent or almost identical patch for this type of sound on the Giga pmi Bos?
3. Could you provide me with the midi file?? That would be very, very useful. I want to see if I can duplicate that tonal quality with MY pmi Bos!
4. is there any hope of doing the symp res thing on the Gigastudio version of the PMI BOS?
1. The demo for the Bosendorfer was created with the “16 layer dry sample”. The Sustain Pedal resonance you hear is all convolution based. The Sympathetic Resoance was generated by a script in K2.
2. No, since GigaStudio has no way to generate the sympathetic Resonances of the non-struck resonating strings, which is a K2 script only. The closest preset would be one of the Dry16 layer Bos patches with full convolution.
3. The midi file: MIDI FILE USED
4. There is hope! But not much more than hope. As long as the GS3 iMidi component is closed (in other words; the only available iMidi rules are created by Tascam engineers) we have to wait until they see the power of this sympathetic resonance script and hope they can do the same. If somebody (really clever and handy with vst-programming) can program the functionality of the script into a simple VST-plug-in you could see this happening in any sequencer.