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Topic: Waiting to Download....

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    Waiting to Download....

    .....the update that will make GPO work in Pro Tools RTAS.

    There is an RTAS update for a different Kompakt instrument on the NI website, so I am suspecting more will follow, as Doug Rogers said they would over a month ago.

    When will we be able to get it?

    What is the word on the street?

    Can beta testers talk yet?

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    Re: Waiting to Download....

    The silence is deafening..................

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    Re: Waiting to Download....


    I am awaiting word from Native Instruments. I'll let you know as soon as I know. Or I will put you in touch with them so you can have Amada bat those pretty eyes and say "Please send Paul his new Player "

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Waiting to Download....

    Thought I would fly this one up the flag pole again and see if there have been any new developments?

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    Re: Waiting to Download....



    Slowly dehydrating....

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    Re: Waiting to Download....

    Wow, can you hear the echo in here?







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    Re: Waiting to Download....

    I just read that NI is now changing their timeline for updating the Kompakt players due to the recent announcement from Apple. They are waiting for the new structure and code of the Intel based OS, so we will have to wait another 2+ years before GPO will work in Pro Tools.

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    Re: Waiting to Download....

    Yet another week slips by...................

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    Re: Waiting to Download....


    Quote Originally Posted by dubaifox
    Yet another week slips by...................
    I've noticed your posts here and at EW. I use Pro Tools LE 001 and I think things are changing and I feel your pain. But Maybe it's time for a new sequencer? I know easy to say ins't it? Logic Express is like $299.


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    Re: Waiting to Download....

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyP
    But Maybe it's time for a new sequencer? I know easy to say ins't it? Logic Express is like $299.
    "Hey, we got a live one!!"

    I was beginning to think I was the only one in here. Some strange black void of cyberspace that only I was able to enter.

    Thanks for responding, though your suggestion of switching DAWS is not what I was hoping to hear. I LOVE Pro Tools in every way. I have all kinds of Plugs and VI's that work beautifully. It is stable, elegant and such a joy to work with. So no, I wont be switching to a different program just to use GPO.

    Instead, I just ordered a new PC to run alongside it. I have been experimenting with MidiOverLan and it really is cool.

    So the waiting game is over for me. I hope they fix it though so I could use it on my Powerbook with Pro Tools.

    The End

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