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Topic: New GS3 user - need help on choosing some 'starter' sample libraries

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    New GS3 user - need help on choosing some 'starter' sample libraries

    Hi all,

    I just got my GS3 Ensemble and the Conexant GM500 from eBay. After some playing around, I felt the need to add some more 'starter' sample libraries (i.e. not too expensive). Currently I am mainly just using GS3 as an alternative sound module (in addition to Yamaha PSR740) for my home studio recording. Originally I was hoping that the libraries bundled with GS3 Ensemble and GM500 would give me a good enough alternative, but I found the results are still somehow lacking.

    I am mainly working on contemporary/pop Christian music/hymns. I am looking for some inexpensive libraries to enhance the strings (solo or ensemble for pop music recording, not classical orchestra-type things) and drum (I am using GM drum kit now.) Are there some good options at $100-200 range? I know the budget is not much but since this is just for hobby I will take whatever is reasonable out there.

    BTW, after some search on this site I have found that someone recommended "session strings" to be good for such a pop-music application. However it is for Kontakt. Can GS3 import Kontakt sample? Also, I have also noticed the on-going group buy promotion for GPO, which seems to provide some pretty good strings sounds and much more. However, it is for Kontakt player and not GS3 compatible. I would prefer to stay within one sampler to simply the learning curve and technical issues. It looks like most of the things I found for GS3 are all geared toward 'professional' use (translate: $$$). Are there some inexpensive, good sounding sample libraries for Gigastudio? Your suggestion is much appreciated.


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    Re: New GS3 user - need help on choosing some 'starter' sample libraries

    1st, buy the Rubber Chicken Giga Translator program so you can have access to more than Giga & Akai formats. The Roland CD-ROM libraries are few but very well put together, and inexpensive. I have very expensive samples and Roland. I wouldn't.... no... I couldn't give up the Roland ones'. The Miroslav and Ilio I could force myself to live without, if necessary. Also, beware of Ensoniq CD's .... I have never translated one yet without errors.

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    Re: New GS3 user - need help on choosing some 'starter' sample libraries

    First, go download the stomps and stuff from G-Town. It's free, and recorded in a church. It could work well in a gospel context.


    Also, take a listen to the Larry Seyer demo drums that ship with GS3. They're much stronger than the GM500 drums. His full lib sounds killer, but is out of your price range.

    For ensemble strings, take a look at Garritan's GOS Lite. I think it's in your price range. For solo strings look at Kirk Hunter's stuff. There was a recent post about another solo strings library (Solo Sessions?) that was cheaper, but I don't know about it's quality. I own Kirk's Solo String lib, and find it to be excellent and complete. You can buy the each KHSS instrument separately, if you want.

    BTW, the KHSS double bass pizzicato works great as a meat and potatoes Jazz stand up bass. I recently listened to a piece I had done that way, and my first reaction was, "wow, that bass sounds cool".

    Welcome to the world of eternal music library desire...


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