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Topic: GigaPulse confusion..

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    GigaPulse confusion..

    OK, so I've toyed around a bit with GS3.. GigaPulse Pro is just a tiny bit confusing to me. What I'd like to do is set up some aux busses where I can set up each instrument loaded as one of the following:

    - center stage, close
    - left stage, close
    - right stage, close
    - center stage, far
    - left stage, far
    - right stage, far

    I don't need to have six GigaPulse instances, do I? I could take a shortcut and use the DSP panning to take care of left/center/right, and just have two GigaPulse instances, one for close and one for far. But then it's not really quite as good as using GigaPulse to place the instrument left/center/right.

    Any suggestions? I also don't quite understand the multi-placement option. And yes, I've read the manual. I just don't get it. If I want to place something on the left with multi-placement, do I make L and R both tie to numbers on the left?

    Thanks for any help..
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: GigaPulse confusion..

    You have to use DSP placement as far as I know to get multiple pannings in one instance. Which is one of the things I didn't like (I assumed you could have multiple placements in one instance through routing seperate audio channels into Gigapulse.)

    So unless you want to run six instances or mix down your instrument groups a few tracks at a time, you'll have to settle for the less desireable alternative for now. I'd just do that while making songs, and then mix down with your desired placements.

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    Re: GigaPulse confusion..

    Ah, bummer. OK, thanks. I'll have to weigh GigaPulse against my current reverb then, and see how it compares.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: GigaPulse confusion..

    Good news everybody!

    You only need two instances for that. Check out this thread. Nine positions from three instances...



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    Re: GigaPulse confusion..

    Awesome, Jon..thanks.. too tired to absorb that now. Will check it out tomorrow night.
    Sam Hulick

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