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Topic: Swarplug

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    Question Swarplug

    Is anyone using this? If so how does it perform? I know there was a discussion of SwarShala here before, which seemed to be a very confused bit of software that didn't know whether it was a sample library, a tutorial or a practise companion. But Swarplug seems to be very much a straightforward Rompler, which I wouldn't mind getting if it turns out to be quite usable.

    Please let me know if you can shed any light.

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    Re: Swarplug

    A friend of mine got the package to use in a commercial,and was very disappointed - not very realistic, in general. He had to hire a tabla player to finish the ad. Certainly not up to the quality of any of the major libs, even inexpensive ones. I was really hoping this would be useful, but for my taste, no.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Swarplug

    I like it. In fact, I especially like the tablas.

    But it's not a very extensive library. It's pretty small, only 10 or 15 instruments, I think. So I could see Soundsmith's friend having trouble if he had real specific needs.

    A cool thing is they give you MIDI files to go with it (EW take note).

    My memory is a little hazy though, because since it's VST only, I stopped using it when I went to OSX a year or two ago.

    - Mike Greene

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    Re: Swarplug

    I dont recommend it at all. It's a ripoff at it's price. The sonic quality is not good, the instruments are not extensively sampled. If it was selling around 40$, it would be ok...

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    Re: Swarplug

    I really enjoy Swar plug. I have used the library sets to learn rythms that are unfamiliar to many but tablas affacianados. The samples are crisp and need to be worked if they are to "blend" in a western recording context as they sound as if they were recorded in folk settings, minus ambient noise. To me -- a pleasing discovery.

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