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Topic: StylusRMX - scratchy sound / bad timing

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    Question StylusRMX - scratchy sound / bad timing

    For some reason Stylus plays back quite scratchy sounds - particularly on the kick drums. Also I notice that the timing is anything but tight?!? My host is cubase SX 2.0.1, 1024 MB DDR's Dual Channel at 400 MHz, Intel 2.6 ht (overclocked to 3.2). The SAGE files are installed on another patition formated NTFS.
    All comments welcome - I'd really like to get this thing to WORK properly !!!!!

    thanx !!!

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    Re: StylusRMX - scratchy sound / bad timing

    I've never heard of anything quite like that, but you might check the FAQs to see if anything there helps:


    - Glenn

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    Talking Re: StylusRMX - scratchy sound / bad timing

    well, seems like it was a problem with my soundcard. I had the onboard soundcard activated in cubase - no wonder it's a bit "overworked" I have now looped cubase monitoring into Paris using the RME Hammerfall. Works great now!!!!

    Thanks for the replies anyway

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