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Topic: Best Woodwinds?

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    Best Woodwinds?

    I am trying to decide in which direction to go with solo woodwinds. Here are the ones I have narrowed it down do with a demo that I like from the library.

    It would be great to get other users perspective on these demos...

    Westgate Woodwinds:


    Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds: (I like the Holst demo on this page)


    VSL Woodwinds:


    DC Studios Solo Woodwinds:


    So how would you rate these libraries?



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    Re: Best Woodwinds?

    Well... dont know about the demos. They are very different, and therfore very hard to compare. But VSL woodwinds are absolutely fantastic, especialy because of their Legatos. Cant beat it.

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    Re: Best Woodwinds?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcussen
    Well... dont know about the demos. They are very different, and therfore very hard to compare. But VSL woodwinds are absolutely fantastic, especialy because of their Legatos. Cant beat it.
    Agreed. Make sure that you get the French Oboe though.


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    Re: Best Woodwinds?

    I own Westgate and the VSL samples that come with GS3.

    Westgate is a great value. Its only real weakness is in fast legato runs.

    VSL's legato clarinet demo sure is fun to play, but they haven't separated me from my money yet...

    GS3.1 has a new legato iMIDI rule. I'm hoping that I can apply it to the Westgate winds. We will see...

    Regarding sound, the VSL stuff in GS3 is super clean. Westgate's stuff is grittier, not that it's badly recorded, you can just sense the player a bit more in Westgate. VSL's samples almost sound too perfect. Almost, that is. In practice they don't sound robotic or anything. I like both.

    The sound of each is unique, and both work well in practice. I guess I'd have to choose Westgate's human sound for exposed solo lines (aside from the lack of legato), and VSL for use as part of a larger orchestra.

    I want the legato of VSL with the price of Westgate.


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    Re: Best Woodwinds?

    At the risk of sounding like a an employee of Synful (i'm not, nor do i even know any), i'll just say this: Listen to this link-


    and tell me if any of those libraries could do better. And leave aside for the moment the fact that you can supposedly achieve this kind of articulation in something close to real time (!!!).

    I'm still at a loss as to why Synful isn't absolutely dominating any library discussion having to do with solo instruments. The thing is mind-blowing- I'm practically drooling as i await its release for OSX.

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    Re: Best Woodwinds?

    Synful is great, but not quite there yet. I think one thing that would really help is if they found some way to automatically implement key clicks, breath noises, ect. The tone is there, but the transition from note to note sounds synthy - TO ME.

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    Re: Best Woodwinds?

    Wow. The legato of the oboe is almost *too* smooth. I've never said that about any purely sampled instrument.


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    Re: Best Woodwinds?


    The xsample woods might be worth to mention. I especially like their Bassclarinet. The have a complete set of WW (bundle) you might find for not so exensive.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Best Woodwinds?

    Keep in mind that the VSL ww ensebles are just that ENSEMBLES. If you're looking for solos, look elsewhere. I just got the westgate winds, and am happy so far. I also tried stacking them with the winds bundled with GS3. This approach lets you play either or both, and that, to me, is an attractive idea.


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    Re: Best Woodwinds?

    This is not true. Our Library offers solo-woodwinds as extensive as ensembles (and even more). Please take a glance at the complete listings on our site.

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