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Topic: RMX and Logic Automation, need help!

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    RMX and Logic Automation, need help!

    Logic user wondering how stylus rmx can effectively be used to "write" track automation when used as a multi?
    I can change the levels for each channel in the rmx mixer, but I want the automated data in the arrange window to change as well, so that when I bounce the tracks, they will reflect these changes.
    However, right now, if I change the automation for rmx in logic arrange window, all the rmx channels are affected.
    So, while it is fine for use in real time rmx mixing, what can I do to create a fixed arrangement in logic using automation.


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    Re: RMX and Logic Automation, need help!


    There are a couple of ways to go about this.

    First off, if you open the automation view of the AI your RMX is inserted on, and select Stylus RMX from the list, you'll see a whole list of the most used automated parameters for all 8 parts of the RMX. By clicking on the little triangle that is in the left hand corner of the automation view, you can open up multiple "lanes" to write and view different types of automation data on.

    The other option is to use the RMX in Multi-channel mode, and then use auxes in Logic assigned to each of the 8 instrument/outputs of the RMX, so that each channel of the RMX gets it's own audio object from within Logic.

    One of my favorite things to do however, is to use the MIDI learn function in the RMX. That way, when you're looking at a MIDI channel in Logic that represents the RMX channel that you're on, you can assign the 3 knobs that are visible on a Logic MIDI channel (reverb, chorus and cutoff) to any parameter you want on the RMX.

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    Re: RMX and Logic Automation, need help!

    Thanks for wrapping your head around that one for me. Really nice using the learn function in rmx! Now I can actually conduct these rmx grooves and hit the band with something new for the next gig.

    Greatly appreciated, Sean

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