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Topic: STYLUS>Rythm of my life!

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    STYLUS>rhythm of my life!

    I know, i saw thread of this plug, but i want say again how STYLUS is unique

    Yes.This virtual instrument is not good>It's extraordinary.
    The interface, simple, design...And the SOUND.SAGE EXPANDER too, for more creativity.
    The new version is a fantastic software>eight part; multi effects; mode CHAOS; midi learn; videos tutorials (Eric, when you play demo on videos, my head and my foots move!)...

    Mister Eric Persing and spectrasonics company>Thank you so mucth.

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    Re: STYLUS>Rythm of my life!

    Glad you are enjoying it!

    spectrum :-)

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    Re: STYLUS>Rythm of my life!

    Yes and re-YES!


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    Re: STYLUS>Rythm of my life!

    I always enjoy Tobias' music!

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