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Topic: New demoreel 2004

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    New demoreel 2004

    For anybody interested, I 've uploaded my new demoreel for 2004.
    It's a selection of the projects I got involve in that year. It's from various sources. Documentary, Fiction, band and personal projects.
    It got some dark tones and minimalistic parts as well as orchestrated part.

    Done with various samples from East-west to Reason and Albino2. Some personal samples too. ( the cello's tremolos and the weird articulations in the first sequence ) and some live recordings.

    If your interested to hear it, make sure to listen to the Hi-fi one.
    You can listen to it here : http://eonsounds.dmusic.com

    Hope you like it!
    Francois Jolin

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    Re: New demoreel 2004

    Liked it alot especially from 5:36 to the end.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: New demoreel 2004

    Tx glad you liked it. I made listen this to various people since 3 days. I found that peoples like different parts of it. It's great to see the response to it.
    I think it do the job that way.

    Tx for your comment Przemek K!
    Francois Jolin

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