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Topic: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

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    Question Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

    Hey guys I have been reading up and listening to the samples and I really want to buy GPO but I don't know if it will work on my aging computer.

    I have a gateway 450 mhz, though I have its ram upgraded to around 450 mb, and only a few gig of disk space available.

    By the sounds of it GPO requires at least 1 gig of ram and probably a few gig of processor speed but I wonder how accurate that is.

    Is this kind of like 3d rendering where even a slow computer like mine could render the song, it would just take it longer, or would the program basically not even function correctly without a fast enough computer?

    Thanks for taking the time to help out a noobie, I'll await your responses.

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    Re: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

    What sequencer are you using?

    I used an 800Mhz CPU, with 384Mbytes RAM, Windows ME and GPO with success. However, I could only load two instances, with 12-13 total instruments. I had RAM shortages before CPU problems. This was enough for me, but I did have to render tracks to audio and this is time consuming.


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    Re: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

    I'm sorry I'm not really that knowledgeable about what you're talking about, if by sequence you mean like sibelius, finale, etc, I have "Noteworthy Composer."

    I have 450 mhz, 450 ram, with Windows 98.

    What exactly do you mean by loading 2 "instances?"

    Each instance had 6-7 instruments then you're saying?

    Well for example an orchestral piece may require only a total of 12 or so parts so that would be sufficient would it not?

    Also if you don't mind can you explain what you mean by having to render tracks to audio, do you mean making a midi track into .mp3 format?

    Sorry for my noobieness, thanks for your help.

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    Re: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

    Let me just rephrase what I meant to ask guys so I make sure I'm clear, I want to know is it possible with my super low end comp to ever run GPO and make a full orchestral sound or will my cpu/memory basically not be able to support it, which means I should upgrade/buy a new comp.

    Because I'm not worried about the time it takes, I write out my pieces on paper first anyway so all I would be worried about is just inputting the notes and processing the damn thing so that it can sound realistic, is this a feasible option for me even if it takes a long time to 'render' so to speak, or will it not work either way because of my low end system?


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    Re: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

    Welcome requiem!!

    I'm sorry this isn't what you want to hear, but I would not recommend trying to use GPO on the computer that you mentioned.

    I would recommend a minimum of 2.0 ghz and at least 1 gig of ram.

    At least you are doing your homework before the purchase, that's a good thing.


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    Re: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

    Quote Originally Posted by requiem_aeternam7
    I have "Noteworthy Composer."

    Ah...a fellow Noteworthy Composer user. Welcome!

    I've used NWC for years and it works well with GPO...but once you've tried Overture (the notation software bundled with GPO) you'll probably start using it for everything but quick sketches (i.e. don't dump NWC...there are still times when it is easier\quicker).

    I would definitely get a faster computer with more RAM, though. I started using GPO with a 2.8ghz CPU and 512mb RAM and things were sluggish with occaisional dropouts...going up to 1gb RAM solved that problem for most of the stuff I do, although I can still get dropouts if I load up a lot of instruments along with the Steinway piano. So I would NOT reccomend a 450mhz CPU.


    Jim Jarnagin - no not THAT Jim Jarnagin, the other one.

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    Re: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

    requiem, I agree with the others that you would be best served by having a faster computer. GPO is processor and RAM intensive. You could probably get a 2.0 to 2.8 Ghz at a very attractive price.

    southport, it is good to know that GPO works fine with Noteworthy Composer.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

    I use GPO on my HP notebook(Athlon 64 1.8Ghz, 512MB RAM, 64MB Video, WinXP), and I'm able to run a full orchestra on Sonar with only moderate lagging. This is one of the best things, in my opinion, about GPO. You can get fantastic results without the loads of expensive equipment you would need for some other libraries. I plan on upgrading to a Gig of RAM soon, but I'll be fine until then.

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    Re: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!

    Hey guys sorry this is gonna be alot of questions but I really am not the most knowledgable person concerning computers or software, so here goes, thanks in advance for answering my q's:

    The most important thing that I want to know is starting from scratch, what exactly will I need to get GPO up and running. With your comments on the computer spec recommendations I would consider getting a cheap barebones system, for example I found one online just now for 99$ that has a 2.0ghz amd chip, 256 mb ram, etc. Though ofcourse I would upgrade that ram quite a bit.

    What soundcard will I need, is it possible to transfer my current card (which I THINK is soundblaster something or other LoL) over to the new system, or should I get a new card and which if any can you recommend that are cheap but would be decent for composition?

    Now back to the original question, what do I need to get GPO up and running. Is there anything other than a capable system that I would require, such as cables or other control setups of any sort, or is all that comes in the package basically all that you need to get started, which I take it is the Overture notation software, the actual soundfonts library and thats it?

    I am just a little confused because I have been reading up on the boards here and alot of you guys seem to use very complex setups that feature alot more things than just the basic GPO package though I would be quite content to start just with the basics since I am not a professional of any sort and want to just orchestrate my own works.

    So to recap, please tell me if I'm missing anything, all that I basically need is a barebones system with enough CPU speed (about 2.0ghz or higher), enough ram (500-1000mb+) and hard drive space, and a decent sound card and the GPO software and I'm good and ready to go? Or did I miss something?

    By the way, if no one minds, can anyone describe to me the actual process of how GPO works. I understand how to make a midi, you go into your respective program Noteworthy, Sibelius, Finale, Overture, etc, you put down your notes, then you save the file as a .mid and that's it. So what exactly goes into taking that file and then transforming it into these very realistic sounding mp3's I've been sampling from the GPO demo archives?

    Once again thank you in advance for everyone's help, with your help I hope to soon become a fellow satisfied GPO user, even if I'm unable to get a new bonestock system in time I may still order the package while the special deal lasts til June 8th.

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    Re: Plz Help Complete Noobie w/ GPO Reqs!


    Everything you're looking for is right there.

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