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Topic: Bach Harpsichord Concerto mockup

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    Bach Harpsichord Concerto mockup

    Hi All

    This is the first time I've attempted to do a 'mockup' of something with GPO. I did this mainly to learn some techniques. This is the first movement of one of my favorite Bach Concertos BWV1052. It's not perfect, but I had a lot of fun doing it. It's done in Sibelius and you're welcome to make any suggestions.


    Please enjoy.

    Kind Regards


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    It's a good work. It already is.
    Probably you can do it better with ensamble creation (and sound variations): what instruments you used for the ripieno strings part?

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    Re: Bach Harpsichord Concerto mockup

    Hi Fabio

    I experimented quite a bit with different players and ended up using four of the solo violin players, two violas and one, and some places two cellos. The section strings just seemed too much.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Bach Harpsichord Concerto mockup


    You certainly have a fell for Bach. This is excellent. the harpsichord is fantastic.

    This is very difficult to pull off in notation. To impart humaness is hard with notation and you've done admirable with the tools. Often what some do is to export and import the MIDI file into a sequencer and do some tweaking.

    To stay in the notation world is difficult but doable. One suggestion may be to use the legato/slur plug-in and the crescendo/diminuendo plugin on our Sibeloius-GPO page - http://www.garritan.com/GPO-SibeliusPage.html

    An outstanding job Louis!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Bach Harpsichord Concerto mockup

    Thanks Garry for the kind words. I realize fully the limitations of notation software and this can most certainly sound much much better in a sequencer, but I wanted to experiment within notation. It's quite fun really .

    Thanks again for the encouragement.

    Kind regards


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    Re: Bach Harpsichord Concerto mockup

    A strong interpretation, Louis; I enjoyed listening to this.

    As a colleague who predominantly uses notation (Finale), I can appreciate the hard work that went into this fine rendition.


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    Re: Bach Harpsichord Concerto mockup

    To be honest, I had to listen several times to appreciate the strong dynamics in your interpretation. Now I am convinced. The rendering must have been a tough job, but the result is excellent. It shows great love for Bach's music. Bravo. Thanks for posting it.

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    Re: Bach Harpsichord Concerto mockup

    Thanks David and Gerard for the encouragement . I was pretty consumed by this piece for quite a while. That's the reason for this 'mockup'. One soon loses all objectivity. I picked up one wrong note though towards the end. Strange how these things get past you when listening to something over and over again. There are still a number of things one can do to make it better in notation software, like the strong attacks, but I take it one step at a time.

    By the way, the material of this Concerto's first movement is also part of Bach's Cantata BWV146, if anyone wants to give it a listen. It's simply beautiful. Bach later worked it into a Concerto for Harpsichord, and if I'm not mistaken, also a Concerto for Violin (although I haven't heard it).

    Kind Regards


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