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Topic: John Williams interview on NPR

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    Thumbs up John Williams interview on NPR

    This morning there is a delightful interview with John Williams. Although not covering many technical questions that we might have of him, nevertheless it is a wonderful interview. If you don’t get a chance to hear it on the radio, I think you can probably hear an archive of the interview by going to npr.org and finding the Weekend Edition show.

    What a marvelous career this man has had. In this interview his personality is as delightful as his music.


    P.S. Yet another reason to support your local public radio and television stations.

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    Re: John Williams interview on NPR


    Thanks for the info. I'm gonna listen to this very soon.


    By the way, I love NPR. Although, in my area, they took off all the music during the day. Now, they have nothing on except Talk Radio, all day long. In the evening, they have some folk music (Appalachia, go figure) but that's about it. Oh well, XM Radio, here I come!
    For more information, check out www.jonathoncox.com/intro.html

    "The trouble with music appreciation in general is that people are taught to have too much respect for music they should be taught to love it instead." - Igor Stravinsky

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    Re: John Williams interview on NPR


    I know what you mean. The most-listened-to station in our area did a similar thing several years ago. They went from a mix format to almost all news and info. To their credit they now have special classical music shows on Sunday evenings with a very nice one that features concerts, recorded live, with our Philadelphia Orchestra.

    However, we are lucky that in our area, we have access to four public stations, one of which plays all classical music, and another which plays classical during the day and jazz at night. Now if one would have an all GPO show, that would be worth tuning in for. That is unless you’re one of those GPO bashers that live on other forums.

    If it wouldn't be for public radio, we'd have no classical music on the air at all any more, and yet we're in one of the largest markets in the country. This is really shameful.


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    Re: John Williams interview on NPR

    I completely agree. The local NPR station is the ONLY channel in all the AM and FM signals which plays ANY classical music. During the day, they play great classical music, and jazz music at night. Interestingly enough, I never cared much for jazz untill I left the station on for a couple nights. Now I'm jazzed about jazz.

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    Re: John Williams interview on NPR

    Does anyone know where I can find a recording of the piece John Williams wrote called "Noises" it was written for the grand opening of a huge theatre for Disney I believe.


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    Re: John Williams interview on NPR

    Hi Dan,

    I think the piece was called "Soundings". Here is a link about it:

    Here is more info but I can't find a recording:

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    Re: John Williams interview on NPR


    i was stil in my teens and living in philly when WFLN went off the air (around '97 or '98)...in my opinion, the saddest day radio has ever seen...a great classical station of 50 years..it's what fueled my inspiration and imagination when i was growing up...

    ...same situation here in houston...KRTS, houston's only 24-hour fully-devoted classical station...last year i flipped to that station only to hear some lousy tejano music...there wasn't even any publicity about the loss...tragic

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    Re: John Williams interview on NPR

    thank you Greg!


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