Hello everyone,

My nickname is TheRack, I'm new here and I just received my "East-West Symphonic Orchestra Gold" samples library. I searched in the forum for an answer to the following question but didn't find one :

In one midi track to which I assigned a VST instrument, how can I change the VST instrument in the middle of the music piece ?

Even better : the Kontact program let us create VST samples called "MULTI" with up to 8 different (sub)instruments. How can I make Cubase changing to another subinstrument while staying on the same VST sample (the called MULTI), and this should happen in the middle of the music piece ?

I'm sorry I'm a beginner, so please be cool with my newbie questions, I will be gratefull if any gifted user can help me

Thanks a lot.

PS : I underlined what is important for me.