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Topic: GigaPianoII: Why the popping?

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    GigaPianoII: Why the popping?

    I've been muddling through numerous problems on my laptop-based Giga setup. I'm running a Pentium IV, 3 Ghz, with the audio on an external firewire drive.

    When I play a chord of 5 notes or greater, I'm hearing pops that are then going through GPianoII's GigaPulse plugins.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I've tried increasing my GSIF Buffers without amy improvement. I doubt it's the disk, as other sounds are streaming just fine, with many more voices.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Geez...2.54 was a solid machine, and I'm starting to think of regressing...



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    Re: GigaPianoII: Why the popping?

    If you have all the GigaPulse trimmings enabled, it sounds like your laptop may not be quite powerful enough to handle a 5-note chord. Does it do that with a 4-note or 3-note chord?

    There's more to GS3 performance than CPU and RAM.
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    Re: GigaPianoII: Why the popping?

    More buffer wil help, I think...(on the soundcard)

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    Re: GigaPianoII: Why the popping?

    Actually, I found the problem:

    After playing the piano for 15 more minutes, I noticed it was actually only one key that was popping. Turns out it was a bad copy from disk...how low tech. http://www.northernsounds.com/forum/...te=1&p=301988#

    Thanks to both of you for your thoughts, and taking time to post!


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