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Topic: P4 ASUS - DAW?

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    P4 ASUS - DAW?

    Has anyone build a 3.0+ Ghz P4 DAW with ASUS boards and 3+ gigs of memory?

    I'd be interested in what components you've used, which motherboard, what memory.

    This system will be for composition, sound design and mixing using quite a lot of sample libraries and supported with VST synths. Sample libraries I am running are EWQL Gold, and StormDrums, Kontakt with other libraries.

    I am using an M-Audio Omni Studio (Delta 66).

    Composer / Sound Designer / Audio Engineer

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    Re: P4 ASUS - DAW?

    I have two DAW's running on Asus P4C800-E Deluxe's, one with a P4 3.0 Northwood and one with a 3.2 Prescott. Both have 2 GB of PC3200 Samsumg memory and are very stable and fast. I would recommend that board to anyone looking to build a P4 based DAW.


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    Re: P4 ASUS - DAW?

    I second the P4C800-E mobo. In fact I am using the same 2gigs of samsung memory as clonewar and it's all running smoothly with a p4 3.2 processor. However I only have one computer not two.
    ASUS P4C800-E motherboard, pentium4 3.2 ghz, 2gigs ram, ATI X1600pro, RME hdsp9632, 120gig maxtor system drive, 250gig SATA150 maxtor audio drive, 250gig SATA150 sample drive, Roland A-37 midi controller keyboard, Cubase 4, Gigastudio3 orchestra, FLstudio5, Reason3, Atmosphere, Ivory, EWQLSO gold xp and choirs

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    Re: P4 ASUS - DAW?

    at this point that mob is EOL and a dead end.
    if you must stick with Intel then go with the new Dual Core Pentium D.
    they are only about $100 more than a single processor of the same speed and 64 bit ready.
    the mobos for them are the Asus 955 and the Gigabyte 955 royal


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