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Topic: "Magical Legato" from Gigastudio virutal keyboard

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    "Magical Legato" from Gigastudio virutal keyboard

    I'm an old GS2.5 user. I have a question I should have asked back when GS first came out, duh! Tonight I popped in GOS and i was playing with the Grand Sustains on the GS virtual keyboard. Has anyone noticed how if you hold down the mouse button you can gliss up and down the keys, and the legato sounds really smooth? I mean it always sounds better than if i sequence a line, what's going on in there and how can I duplicate this effect with my controller/sequencer?


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    Re: "Magical Legato" from Gigastudio virutal keyboard

    I think that the GS2.5 keyboard always plays at 100% velocity. (Or is it 100 out of 127?) What we don't know is the overlap, or gap, between notes.

    Do you have Sibelius? It's easy to program the overlap/gap in that program, and also easy to set a fixed velocity and tempo. Just enter a scale, set the expression to f or ff, set the desired tempo and play the score. Adjust the playback options to set the gap/overlap until it sounds right. Then write down the recipe in your MIDI cookbook.


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    Re: "Magical Legato" from Gigastudio virutal keyboard

    It would be hard to imagine that it's doing anything different than if you sequence notes where the note off of note A is perfectly aligned with the note on of note B.

    The only thing I could think of that would cause the effect that you're hearing (without hearing it myself) would be if sweeping the virtual keyboard in GS like that did not play the release, where when you sequence it the release is played. A release overlapping onto the start of the next note will gave that very synthy effect, when instead you want a legato transition.


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    Re: "Magical Legato" from Gigastudio virutal keyboard

    Thanks for the comments, I think your both right. i put a quantized C scale in the sequencer and adjusted all the velocities up, and I can scroll the wiper bar back and forth and get the same effect as in the GS virtual keyboard.


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    Re: "Magical Legato" from Gigastudio virutal keyboard

    Adjusting the overlap/gap could also be interesting. Maybe it sounds even a little bit better with a small change in duration of the notes. Or maybe perfect alignment of note off and on is best. The only way to know is to test it.


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