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Topic: Strange Rewire Issue with GS3

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    Strange Rewire Issue with GS3

    I have been using GS3 since it came out. Normally I use it as a standalone on its own machine and I use SX on another machine. No problems at all.
    Now I want to try to use GS on the same machine as Cubase SX. My problem is when I want to render : It only renders the first second of each note played. So if I have a sustaining string line going I will hear only a second of each note or chord played throughout the file. When listening to the sequence in real time everything is hunky dory
    but rendering is not working correctly in rewire mode. When I render a virtual instrument everything is rendered correctly. Anyone experience this?

    SX 2 (Latest version)
    HDSP 32/24
    MOTU Micro Lite
    P4 2.8
    1.5 G Ram
    Glyph FW 120 G for samples

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    Re: Strange Rewire Issue with GS3


    some people have this issue included myself, so I dont use Gs3 rewired with SX

    Here is a link to a longer thread about it Rewire Issues
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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