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Topic: The Starry Messenger--a collaboration

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    The Starry Messenger--a collaboration

    I've just posted what may be a unique experiment on this forum, namely a collaboration between two forum members; me, the composer, and Haydn, who created a MIDI realization of the score.

    Back in 2001, I wrote an orchestral work as a season-opener for the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra, which I called "The Starry Messenger." I posted a PDF of the score on my website shortly after.

    A few months ago, Haydn let me know that he'd downloaded the score and had decided to create a MIDI realization of it. Apparently this is what he does for fun!

    He sent me the result a while ago, and with his permission, I've posted it on my website. This whole thing came as a pleasant surprise to me. I was really impressed with Haydn's work, and flattered that he thought my score was interesting enough to justify all that work.

    The Starry Messenger (MP3; 9578 kb).
    And here's the score if you want to follow along.

    I'll let Haydn chime in about the production when he has a chance. Suffice to say, most of the instruments are GPO, along with a few other libraries.

    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: The Starry Messenger--a collaboration

    I enjoyed your composition Dan. It’s always nice to hear orchestra pieces that use 20th Century idioms yet are also accessible. Thanks. Wonderful space in the midi realization. Per GPO, I have rarely heard it sound that good. What a life – compose and let someone else mock-up your score! Great job by the both of you.
    Craig Duke

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    Re: The Starry Messenger--a collaboration

    I recorded this while on vacation in December. It was quite a relaxing vacation just sitting at home and doing Dan's wonderful piece. Hearing the piece come together was great as this was the first time I had ever heard the piece.

    About 70% is GPO.

    Strings - All GPO except 1st Violins sordino was from QLSO.

    Timpani - GPO

    Percussion - mix of GPO, London Orchestral Percussion and QLSO

    Tuba - GPO
    Bass Trombone - Project SAM Trombones (it includes a solo bass bone)
    2nd Trombone - QLSO
    1st Trombone - SAM Solo Sessions
    1st Trumpet - SAM Solo Sessions
    2nd Trumpet - QLSO
    3rd Trumpet - VSL (from Giga 3.0)
    French Horns - Mostly GPO with SAM Solo Sessions, QLSO and VSL
    Muted brass - Mostly GPO and Xsample brass

    Woodwinds - Mostly GPO with Dan Dean woodwinds for 2nd Flute and 2nd Clarinet, QLSO - 1st Bassoon

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