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Topic: Stargate Trailer

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    Stargate Trailer

    Hi guys, there's now a trailer out for the game Alex and I were working on all these months;



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    Re: Stargate Trailer

    That's awesome Scott. I didn't know you were doing the score for this game. I'm a bit of an SG-1 junkie myself, so I'd already planned to pick up this game when it was release, but know you did the music will make it that much more sweeter.

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    Great work Scott and Alex! I saw this the other day , very nice work guys, Congrats for your collab and hope all the best success to you two . It always makes me happy to see someone do a nice break into the gaming industry
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    Re: Stargate Trailer

    The stargate movie was always one of my favorite sound design movies; It's a masterpiece in that regard. I'm hoping that the game will live up to the film in this regard. I hope you know that you've got some tremendous shoes to fill, Scott.

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    Re: Stargate Trailer

    Thanks guys.

    Jamie, yes, it was a tad daunting following in David Arnolds shoes (musically) the sound-design was handled inhouse.

    I wanted to use the LSO as well but ah well.... next time.....
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