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Topic: Musical Names

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    Talking Musical Names

    Karl Garrett made a comment about my baby's name, "Claire Annette". And wondered if there were any other musical names that could be REAL out there. I thought this might be a fun and comical thread to see what we all can come up with.
    One of our other choices would have been "Amanda Lynn", but we have too many Amandas in my family already.
    "Reed" was the only male name we could come up with - but we didn't really like that.

    So, Can you all think of some other musical names? (preferably ones that might actually be used in real life, but I guess ANY musical names will do).

    Let's have some fun with this one!

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    Re: Musical Names

    Sorry, these are a bit feeble...

    Barry Tony
    Ally Greta

    Richard N.

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    Re: Musical Names

    This would only invite the kid's peers to use the name "Ritardo" later in school.

    - m
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    Re: Musical Names

    Well, I've known girls with the names Melody and Harmony

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    Re: Musical Names

    In grad school I knew a voice major named Melody Cadence Spraugh (I'm actually not sure about her last name now--it was a long time ago--but I'll never forget the first two!)
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    Re: Musical Names

    Magician DeNomolos offers a service called Sonic Signatures -- a method of turning names into numerlogical and musical values for "readings" of personality and mindsets of future potentials.

    I have started working with him on documenting the system of "fortune telling" but have been held up of late.

    A lot can be told about a person who ends up with a minor key --

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    Re: Musical Names

    True story:

    In high school, there was a vocal teacher by the name Dot Dash. I've always marvelled at that one. She actually married into it.
    - Jamie Kowalski

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    Re: Musical Names

    A friend of mine grew up in Beaumont, TX in the '70s. The babe of his high school was the daughter of a local car dealer named Vince. He named her "Vince Ann".

    Talk about an unmusical name!


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    Re: Musical Names

    In grade school there was a girl name Candy Sweet.
    I had a H.S. student who had the name Fantasy Green.
    A boy named De' end.

    Then what I really hate is when parents name a kid with some name you are not sure of the gender and then you are not sure of their gender by looking at them.
    I've had to deal with this a few times.

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    Re: Musical Names



    Progeny of southern-gospel family, Candy Hemphill marries David Christmas.

    Her married name is Candy Christmas.


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