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Topic: Gaiga 3 and maximum ram

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    Gaiga 3 and maximum ram

    Before I get flamed, I did search the forums on this topic and found some valuable information, thanks all. With 2 gig of ram and one of the tweaks I now get a reported 63% ram usage. However, the memory test indicates I have 2047 megs of ram but only 1535 available to Giga so the 63% translates to only 968 meg of ram for samples. While searching on this subject I found some users getting up to 1200 meg of ram for samples and I'd like to know if this is possible on my system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    My System:
    Asus A8V Deluxe
    2 gig (4 X 512) of Corsair XMS ram
    AMD 64 3500 CPU
    ATI 64 meg graphics card
    RME Multiface and PCI card (driver 291)
    Midi Over Lan (for midi to Giga)

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    Re: Gaiga 3 and maximum ram

    Im gonna flame you on this one.

    I'm also going to point out that you need to reduce as many drivers, hardware, and services as you can to bring memory up. Sounds like you have a lot of memory dedicated to other tasks.

    Also, in addition to the reg tweak, you need to perform other basic XP tuning for audio which you can find on tascams site as well as others

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    Re: Gaiga 3 and maximum ram

    I forgot to mention; I've been a PC user ever since Cubase VST 3.?, Gigasampler 1 (Even as far back as Win 95) and I consider myself pretty knowledgable, so my computer is as streamlined as can be, except for the problem with Giga only seeing 1535 meg of ram. There are NO other programs running so I don't understand why Giga can't see the whole 2 gig of ram.

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    Re: Giga 3 and maximum ram

    There's a very long and informative thread on this at the VSL forum. Look for Mattias Henningsen's contributions to this topic.

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