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Topic: 24 bit crashes

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    Question 24 bit crashes

    when i open 24 bit samples my giga 2.5 crashes - any thoughts on where the problem is? The error message i receive sites wstrm32.dll

    I am running 2.5 and i have just bought giga 3 but only wish to use the samples at this point because i am using windows 98se. most of the samples are 24 bit. I changed the setting in giga sampler to 24 bit no dither and hardware sample rate to 44.1./ 32 bit. I have updated my driver for gina 24 but maximum audio depth is 16 bit - i wonder if this could be the problem. The system runs fine on 16 bit samples.

    thanks if anyone can help


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    Re: 24 bit crashes

    Giga 2.5 only uses 16 bit samples. You can't use 24 bit samples with it. You would need to upgrade to Giga 3.0

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    Re: 24 bit crashes

    Hi Kate,

    You would not only have 24-bit issues with GS3.0 samples, but the file format will also choke GigaStudio 2.5.

    You would need to update the OS to WinXP in order to use your GS3.

    Good luck. If you know anyone who has GS3.0, they could downsample and down-spec the 3.0 content to 2.5 content for you in some cases. In other cases, the features of 3.0 will just not translate.

    Best regards,

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    Re: 24 bit crashes

    mystery solved then. thanks for the info.


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