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Topic: Average Seek Time

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    Average Seek Time

    When I first purchased GS there was a big emphisis, (probably still is) on the average seek time of the sample HD to be lower than 10 ms or there abouts.
    I notice that some guys use standard laptops sucessfully, and yet the fastest 2.5" drive is the Hitatchi @ 10ms (not withstanding SCSI), so the others (standard laptop drives) must be slower.
    My question is "What is the maximum/minimum average seek time that GS can now operate with, and / or have the goal posts been shifted closer with the new software?
    Bryan H

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    Re: Average Seek Time

    Don't know the answer -- but I can load and play gig files directly from CD with gigastudio 3 (3.04), so any seek time limitation must be very flexible.

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