I'm halfway through watching a documentary about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

This was/is the department at BBC television that provided electronic music and sound effects for Radio and Television Programmes.

Starting in the late 1950's, their only tools were microphones, reel to reel tape machines, scissors, tape, "home-made" electrical black boxes and their imaginations/musicality.

They produced them tunes and incidental music by recording single pitch sounds onto tape, then bouncing them onto other tape at different speeds to create a range of pitches, then cutting and taping lengths of tape with the correct pitches on to produce individual lines of music to then be mixed and bounced down to one track - the final piece.

One of the guys has just said how they used a 40 foot loop of tape which had to run through the tape machine in the studio, out the door, up the corridor and back again.

To think of the technology availble to us all now with almost instant creation of music compared to what they had to work with is incredible. Even more increidble is how professional, great, fresh and contemporary some of their creations still sound.

I am in awe!