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Topic: Ableton Live 4 as a Host

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    Ableton Live 4 as a Host??


    Looking into alternatives to VStack (and forte). A friend casually suggested using Live as a host....which got me thinking.....

    Anyone doing this with OSX/LAP 7 and Ableton on the PC VST hosts?

    How does it react to tempo changes - in particular with ye olde Intakt engine?

    Any info/experiences/musings welcomed....


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    Re: Ableton Live 4 as a Host

    I did it for a little wile, rewire of LAP and PT. worked very well, but it is "visualy" compliquated. Specially for the routing.
    V-Stack on a PC now works great. I can rout sends to the hardware, back to the Mac.
    Very cool.


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