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Topic: The Samplist BBC Music Mag Review

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    The Samplist BBC Music Mag Review

    Not sure if I should do this but I posted this message on an old thread. Here it is on a new one: Apologies to those not interested but this is a very good read and worth a look.

    Just wanted say that if anyone is interested, The Samplist got a pretty good review in this month's issue (June) of the BBC Music Magazine.

    It's also had some good coverage in the Times Literary Supplement, The Arts Show on BBC, Scotland on Sunday newspaper, The Scotsman, The Guardian, Muso Magazine and the British Science Fiction Association's Magazine 'Vector'. (The guy at Classic fm Mag trashed it because the narrator made a corny joke about Stockhausen so you can't please everyone, I suppose; although you'd think that anyone who enjoys Stockhausen is liable to have some kind of long, sharp, stiff object jammed up the place where they usually stick their heads.)

    Thanks to all who bought it and a special thanks to Pat and Aaron and Greg and Thomas and many others who helped out.

    The novel is currently under consideration by a few film companies. (Fingers crossed)

    By the way, I used to come here as Z6. Hi to Papa and Hans and Dan and King and everyone I always had a great time with here.

    Sorry to see that Nick isn't here anymore though.

    The Samplist is available in all UK stores and at 30% discount on Amazon (UK) and it's better than a punch in the mouth.
    The Samplist a novel by Francis Ellen

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    Re: The Samplist BBC Music Mag Review

    Congratulations Z6. It certainly sounds interesting. Clever idea.



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    Re: The Samplist BBC Music Mag Review


    I really enjoyed the book. Now I better send it back to Pat!


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    Re: The Samplist BBC Music Mag Review

    The book is great, and I really felt as if I was enjoying it in all possible levels. Congratulations

    Anyway, I would like to point out that the spanish violin players are not the hottest musicians: in madrid's conservatory the hottest girls were the harpists and guitar players

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